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Reclaimed Materials

We stock a wide range of popular reclaimed roofing tiles and other building materials to suit your building project
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Reclaimed products


At Imperial, we recognise that many projects do not require new tiles or slates. Instead customers require roofing products that match their existing roof for extensions or repairs.


Our stocks are comprehensive. We stock reclaimed clay and concrete roof tiles as well as reclaimed Welsh slates to customers all over the country. Reclaimed accessories also available:


  • Ridges
  • Valleys
  • Hips
  • Eaves
  • Chimney pots



If you have ever had to repair your roof, you will know that it can be stressful, especially where you are aiming to match your existing roof tiles or slates, chimney pots and more. In addition, you may wish to create a certain look to your property that only reclaimed tiles and slates can do if you are re-roofing your entire roof.  This is why we focus on ensuring we have a wide range of reclaimed materials available to help you match to your requirements.



Reclaimed roof tiles and slates have been used before. We work with local contractors to salvage these roof tiles and slates.  We ensure they are of good quality before they are put into our stock.  In fact, often reclaimed roof tiles and slates are of a very high quality and sorted and still have a long lifespan left in them.



There are many benefits to using reclaimed tiles and slates such as:


  • They generally look better, especially on buildings that are of a certain age.
  • They help retain a traditional look.
  • Provide character and a unique style.
  • May be a requirement as part of your building consent, especially if you are in a conservation area or in a Listed property.
  • It is environmentally friendly, as otherwise these roof tiles and slates may have ended up in landfill.
  • Can be cost effective alternative to new tiles.


There are many different types of reclaimed roofing materials available which we have a wide range in stock of.



Concrete – Concrete tiles can be long lasting which often means less upkeep will be needed. Generally, choosing concrete roof tiles is better suited for those people who live in more modern houses, looking to match existing tiles to an extension.

  • Popular concrete tiles include Plain Tiles, Double Roman, Double Pantiles, Stonewolds, 49ers, Hardrows, ridges plus fittings


Slate – Welsh slates are a natural product with a very long lifespan and are also available in a large variety of different sizes and styles.

  • Popular slates include grey and heather in colour, ranging from 10×8 to 24×12


Clay – Clay tiles are made from natural material which has been put through a variety of essential processes before being made into their final tile format. They are long lasting and are available machine made and hand made.

  • Popular clay tiles include Rosemary, Norfolk Pantiles, Loughborough Tuckers, ridges plus fittings



If you have a requirement then please come in and see us. You can bring us a picture or a sample. Otherwise feel free to call on  0116 260 8494. We can arrange for you to send us a picture of your requirements and we will see if we have this product match in stock.


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Please call us on 0116 260 8494, email us on or visit us to discuss your requirements with our friendly staff who will be pleased to help you.

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